Escape the Museum

You never know what you will see or have to do in a museum.

One thing is for sure, you will have been all over this 4500 square foot camera museum by the time you finish your game.  You will laugh, find hidden objects and solve puzzles.  Good luck, someone is NOT rooting for you.  This game is family friendly and there is nothing scary.

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 The One Eye Spy is half Super Cool British Secret Agent and Half Nephew of a Hillbilly Oil Millionaire.  He has a license to kill and a Waffle House discount card.  Unfortunately, he is an idiot.  Your team has to deal with his mess and complete his mission.  This game is available as a Private Game anytime and after 6pm on Saturdays starting in Summer 2020.  Call to book a private game for up to 10 players  770-355-9644

 We took the two games above, mixed them together, added a disco ball and a bunch of other stuff that "Escape Game Industry Leaders" said were to stupid, silly or crazy to be in an escape game.  This will be fun.  Comes with two drink tokens.  21 and older only. Friday nights starting in June 2020.

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